Vestry Meeting Minutes – Trinity Church – Milford – 7pm on April 10, 2017

Check-in and Opening Worship (Gayle Ruscitti)
Attendees: Fr. Mac Murray, Ruth Warner, Lucille Clinkman, Dwight Kee, Dianne Belamarich, Ginny Starkis, Cheryl Martin, Patricia Peterson, Dave Scott, Edla Ann Bloom, Wayne Stochaj, Lisa Ruggiero, Peach Warren, Dave Scott, Gayle Ruscitti, Cheryl Edinger Taylor, Lyall Chambers

  • Opening Worship – The meeting began with a reading from the Book of Common Prayer.


  • Adoption of the Agenda – A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the agenda as presented. It passed unanimously.
  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the March 2017 Meeting – A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the Minutes of the March 2017 Vestry meeting provided via email. It passed unanimously.

Parishioner Sharing – Comments / Discussion

  • Website Modernization (Fr. Mac and Natalie Leroux) – Natalie showed what the website could look like with the work she has done so far. She’s looking for pictures and content to update it with. Each vestry member will have access to the website to upload information on an ongoing basis. Areas of leadership are asked to pull their content from the old website, update it and forward it to Fr. Mac or Natalie as soon as possible.
  • Gayle – When the gifts are brought up for communion no one is standing until the gifts get to the altar. They should be standing before the gifts process down the isle. Fr. Mac will attempt to signal people to stand when they should.
  • Beth Washburn’s Dad passed away Wed, Apr. 5. The funeral service is on May 6 at 11AM here at Trinity. There will also be a small service this Wednesday at Trinity and Thursday at Cornerstone.

Follow up from Previous Meetings

  • Celebrate Milford Table – Saturday, May 20th. The committee has met a few times already and plans are well under way. We have a table and an overhead tent. If it’s a nice day they’ll take the Trinity banner. The youth group is creating give aways. They’ll be a slide show.
  • Open House – the Sanctuary will be open at the Christmas fair for Carols.

Vestry Resource Guide and Vestry Handbook

  • The Vestry Resource Guide
    • Discussion on Chapter 2: The Ministry of the Vestry – The vestry has the links to all the canons.
  • The Vestry Handbook
    • Discussion on Chapter 2: Vestry Structures – Dealing with conflicts. Do we need an ombudsperson to help mitigate conflicts. For the time being all persons of the vestry will serve this purpose. If parishioners have a concern or conflict they need to resolve they can talk to any vestry person.

Treasurer’s Report (Cheryl Eidinger-Taylor / Karen Carig-O’Neill)

  • March Treasurer’s Report – pledges YTD are more than our expenses YTD. We’re in the positive by about $1,410. A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the March 2017 Treasurer’s Report. It passed unanimously.
  • Memorial Funds – over the past 10 years there’s been money coming in to the total of 41K and going out 32K. The choir has put together a list of their sizes for new choir robes costing approx. 4K. There are a couple of designated gifts that have been earmarked for the choir. Fr. Mac will talk to the Allen’s to see if they want some of their parent’s funds to go toward this. A motion was made and seconded from the floor to order the new choir robes using the aforementioned funds. It passed unanimously.
  • Capital Campaign Status
    • Consultant Interviews:
      • Tuesday, April 18, 7-9 pm: Butcher & Briggs (Erich Briggs)
      • Tuesday, April 25, 7-9 pm: Jay Terbush
      • Thursday, May 4, 7-9 pm: Mary Ann Doyle
      • Saturday, May 13, 9-11 am:
      • Saturday. May 13, 1-3 pm:
      • Monday, May 15, 7-9 pm: Cornerstone (Brian Raiche)
      • Monday, May 22, 7-9 pm:
  • Dickerson & Bakker (Mindy Dickerson-McKinley) – will pick one of the 3 dates available above.
  • Housing Allowance Resolution for the Rev. Susan Schwab. Before Susan is employed, we have to pass this resolution.
    • Whereas, the Reverend Susan Schwab is compensated by Trinity Church exclusively for services as a minister of the gospel; and
      Whereas, Trinity Church does not provide the Rev. Schwab with a rectory; therefore, it is hereby
      Resolved, that the total compensation paid to the Rev. Schwab for calendar year 2017 shall be up to $12,325, of which 100% (up to $12,325) is hereby designated to be a housing allowance.
      A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the resolution as stated above. It passed unanimously.

Wardens’ Report (Dwight Kee and Ruth Warner)

  • Sabbatical Plans
    • Opening and Closing the Building on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – Susan will open on Wednesday’s for service. Fr. Mac will see her tomorrow and will discuss Saturday and Sunday.
    • Dwight is adding to the checklist to check the fire door because it was left ajar the other day.
    • There will be a potluck brunch on April 23rd after the 10:00 Service to see Fr. Mac off and to welcome Susan.

Rector’s Report (Fr. Mac)

  • Everything is going well for Holy week. Palm Sunday was small…smaller than expected, though Saturday was more than average. The Bishop keeps saying we are one of the healthiest parishes in the diocese, but Fr. Mac see’s our numbers dwindling slightly. The vestry is encouraged to read the sabbatical planning document. There are 68 responses…so a good sampling of the parish. Part of the vestry’s job while Fr. Mac is gone is to be reading the document and thinking about its contents. While Fr. Mac is away, the wardens are the “go to” people of the parish. Susan will be here Wednesday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s only. She’s available for Funerals and Weddings as well.

New Business

  • Sat. Apr 22nd at 6:30 there will be a service for the Armenian Genocide Memorial. Cheryl encourages everyone to see the movie “The Promise”.
  • Sat. Apr 14th at 7:30 there will be a blessing of the shoes and singlet’s for marathon runners.
  • The UTO breakfast will be Sunday, May 7 between services.

Follow-up Items for Next Meeting

  • Celebrate Milford Table – Saturday, May 20th.
  • Sabbatical Question/Responses Report
  • Capital Campaign update

Closing Worship (Gayle Ruscitti)

  • The meeting ended with Compline.

CALENDAR: See Attached Calendar

Upcoming Leadership Events:

  • Upcoming Vestry Persons of the Day
    • 13-Apr Maundy Thu 6:30pm Lisa Ruggiero
    • 14-Apr Good Fri 7pm Dave Scott
    • 15-Apr Easter Vigil 7pm Lyall Chambers
    • 16-Apr Easter 8am Dianne Belamarich
    • 16-Apr Easter 10am Patricia Peterson
    • * Dianne Belamarich VPoD at 8am Service
  • Lenten Activities
    • Weekly Station of the Cross
      • Fridays at 7pm at Sacred Heart Milford
      • Wednesdays at 11:30am at Sacred Heart Hopedale
    • Sunday Night Lenten Series
      • The 5 Marks of Love (SSJE/VTS CMT Collaboration)
      • Sabbatical Questions
  • Vestry Meeting – Monday, May 8th – Ginny Starkis, Facilitator
  • Vestry Meeting – Monday, June 12th – Edla Ann Bloom, Facilitator
  • Vestry Meeting – Monday, July 10th – Lucille Clinkman, Facilitator
  • Vestry Meeting – Monday, August 14th – Lyall Chambers, Facilitator
  • New Wardens / Treasurers workshop – Date and Location TBA
  • Fr. Mac On Sabbatical –April 23rd – August 13th
    • Rev Susan Schwab April 23 – August 13
    • Rev. Hilary Bogert-Winkler May 27 & 28
  • Beth Washburn’s Ordination to the Diaconate – June 10th – Christ Church Cathedral
  • Fr. Mac Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement – September 12, 2017
    • Rev Susan Schwab September 13 – November (??)
  • Diocesan Convention – October 28th @ Marriott in Springfield
  • Trinity Christmas Fair – December 2, 2017

2017 Events

  • Monthly
    • First Friday – ROMEOs
    • Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Community Dinner
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Burning of the Ashes
  • Ash Wednesday Service
  • Adult Inquirer’s Class (during Lent)
  • Rotating Stations of the Cross in Lent
  • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
  • Community Blessing of the Palms (Palm Sunday)
  • Maundy Thursday Service
  • Good Friday – 3 Hour Service
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Holy Saturday
  • UTO Breakfast
  • Newcomer’s Potluck Supper
  • Parish Clean Up Days (Spring and Fall)
  • Pentecost – Mylar Balloons ???
  • Welcome to Summer BBQ
  • Blessing of the Backpacks
  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • Ministry Fair
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • AGS Walk
  • Fall Senior Social (Covenant Committee)
  • Taste of Trinity
  • Italian / Harvest Supper
  • Covenant Evensong and Potluck (Thanksgiving)
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Thanksgiving Meal Delivery
  • Jesse Tree
  • Christmas Fair
  • Caroling to Homebound
  • Ecumenical Christmas Concert
  • Blue Christmas Service
  • Annual Meeting

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