Vestry Meeting Minutes – Trinity Church – Milford – 7pm on February 13, 2017

Check-in and Opening Worship (Fr. Mac)
Attendees: Fr. Mac Murray, Ruth Warner, Lucille Clinkman, Dwight Kee, Dianne Belamarich, Ginny Starkis, Cheryl Martin, Cheryl Edinger Taylor, Gayle Ruscitti, Patricia Peterson, Lyall Chambers, Dave Scott, Edla Ann Bloom, Wayne Stochaj, Lisa Ruggiero
Absent: Peach Warren

  • Opening Worship – The vestry shared communion and a worship service from St. Lydia’s.
  • Check-in – The vestry members shared how long they’ve been at Trinity and shared what first led them to saying yes to taking on a leadership position.
  • Welcome to our 2017 vestry


  • Adoption of the Agenda – A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the agenda as presented. It passed unanimously.
  • Acceptance of the Minutes of the January 2017 Meeting – A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the Minutes of the January 2017 Vestry meeting provided via email. It passed unanimously.

Parishioner Sharing – Comments / Discussion

  • Beth Washburn – Candidate for Holy Orders (Deaconate) – A motion was made to endorse Beth Washburn as a candidate for Holy orders. It passed unanimously.
  • The annual meeting didn’t seem as well attended this year. Next year we will hold service in the Sanctuary and brunch and annual meeting upstairs.

Vestry Norms and Resources

  • The Vestry Resource Guide & The Vestry Handbook – The vestry will read a chapter per month and share their thoughts at the next vestry meeting.
  • Vestry Norms – Respect. We let each person state their opinion and listen to one another. We don’t have to agree with each other but we do need to respect each other. The environment needs to be safe and non-judgmental. Certain things discussed at vestry are kept within the vestry. Vestry members need to uphold their commitment to being on the vestry by attending meetings and being an active participant. Be present to the membership of the church. When someone in the congregation shares something with you and you share it with the vestry use their words without putting your own spin on it. Vestry’s by nature of being a committee may have conflicts… everyone needs to be able to have an independent view. The group needs to discuss things together…no side-bars. Meetings should start on time and finish no later than 9PM.
  • Diocesan Canons Concerning Vestry – Sent to vestry members via email. There’s a section in there about what a vestry does… Vestry members are encouraged to search the documents.
  • Parish Directory – including emails and cell phone numbers. This is a private publication for vestry use.
  • Parish Information Form (updates) – not yet available.
  • Areas of Ministry and Vestry Responsibilities 2017 – Vestry members are encouraged to make contact with the leaders of their areas of ministry. Or if it’s an “open” area, maybe seek out someone to lead the ministry.
      • Worship Experience/Worship Helpers – Wayne Stochaj
      • Education and Spiritual Development – Lisa Ruggiero & Lyall Chambers
      • Pastoral Care – Edla Ann Bloom
      • Mission and Outreach – Cheryl Martin & Lucille Clinkman
      • Parish Life – Ginny Starkis & Patricia Peterson
      • Fundraising and Parish Wide Events – Gayle Ruscitti & Dave Scott
      • Congregational Development – Peach Warren
      • Management of Parish Resources – Edla Ann Bloom, Ruth Warner & Dave Scott
  • Vestry Person of the Day List for 2017 – Assignments went out via email from Fr. Mac. Dianne will cover the 8AM for 6 months of the year and occasional Sundays the other 6. She will remain in contact with the designated person to let them know if she will be there on any given Sunday. If anyone swaps Sunday’s they need to let Magee know by Wednesday mornings.
  • Vestry Meeting Facilitators List for 2017 – Assignments went out via email from Fr. Mac.
  • Keys to the Church and Closing Procedures – Fr. Mac went over the where to find the key, how to lock the doors and the closing procedures.
  • Other Resources: Vestry Papers, MissionMatters – these were sent via email. If you don’t subscribe you should. You can also find a ton of useful information at

Treasurer’s Report (Cheryl Eidinger-Taylor / Karen Carig-O’Neill)

  • January Treasurer’s Report – We’re in a good spot financially. A copy of the treasure’s report will be emailed out. The goal is to have it on the consent agenda each month. A motion was also made and seconded from the floor to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. It passed unanimously.
  • Finance Committee Activities – No meeting in February.
  • Parochial Report Approval – By email later in February, your approval is needed back afterwards so it can be sent to the diocese.
  • Parish Audit – March 2, 2017

Wardens’ Report (Dwight Kee and Ruth Warner)

  • 2017 Event Planning / Review of Possibilities – We talked about doing a community event together. We’ve booked June 17th, 9-12 to work at the community harvest garden in Grafton. The vestry retreat had to be postponed.

Rector’s Report (Fr. Mac)

  • Parish Leadership Day Signup – March 18th leaving Trinity at 7:15 and getting back around 4:30. Vestry members are expected to attend.
  • Building, Fire and Health Inspections – The town requires an inspection and certificate every year.
  • Momentum Sunday – Transition Sunday – April 23, 2017 – The bishop has declared the Sunday after Easter to be Momentum Sunday instead of Low Sunday. Ron Crocker will be filling in at the end of April, May and June for Fr. Mac’s Sabbatical. He will be with us that Sunday.
  • Lenten Program – material from SSJE and Virginia Theological ministry of teaching. Every Sunday in Lent from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Starts March 5th.

New Business

  • Celebrate Milford Day May 20th – Should Trinity have a table? What should the table represent? The group that’s discussing the open house will discuss this venue as an alternative to an open house. And discuss it at the March vestry meeting.
  • Bible Study or Christian Discussion Group – Gayle will write up her thoughts and submit to the Sabbatical Committee.

Items for Follow Up

  • Revisit the Open House event idea – Gayle, Wayne and Edla Ann decided to form the committee to discuss this in depth.
  • See Celebrate Milford under New Business
  • Vestry members… there is a lot for follow up on this month’s minutes, please read them carefully and entirely.

Closing Worship (Fr. Mac)

  • The meeting ended with finishing the communion service and prayer.

CALENDAR: See Attached Calendar

Upcoming Leadership Events:

  • Upcoming Vestry Persons of the Day
    • 12-Feb …….. 6 Epiphany … Dwight Kee
    • 19-Feb …….. 7 Epiphany … Ruth Warner
    • 26-Feb …….. Last Epiphany … Patricia Peterson
    • 01-Mar …….. Ash Wed … Peach Warren
    • 05-Mar …….. 1 Lent … Cheryl Martin
    • 12-Mar …….. 2 Lent (DST Begins) … Gayle Ruscitti
  • Lenten Activities
    • Weekly Station of the Cross – Fridays in Lent at 7pm
      • Sunday Night Lenten Series
        • The 5 Marks of Love (SSJE/VTS CMT Collaboration)
        • Sabbatical Questions
    • Vestry Meeting – Monday, March 13th – Cheryl Martin, Facilitator
    • Parish Leadership Day – Saturday, March 18th
    • St. Patrick’s Dinner – Saturday, March 18th
    • New Wardens / Treasurers workshop – Date and Location TBA
    • Fr. Mac On Sabbatical –April 23rd – August 13th
      • Rev Ron Crocker April 23 – May 21, June 4 – June 26
      • Rev. Hilary Bogert-Winkler May 27 & 28
      • Rev Susan Schwab July 2 – August 13
    • Fr. Mac Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement – September 12, 2017
      • Rev Susan Schwab September 13 – November (??)
    • Diocesan Convention – October 28th @ Marriott in Springfield
    • Trinity Christmas Fair – December 2, 2017

    2017 Events

    • Monthly
      • First Friday – ROMEOs
      • Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – Community Dinner
    • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Burning of the Ashes
    • Ash Wednesday Service
    • Adult Inquirer’s Class (during Lent)
    • Rotating Stations of the Cross in Lent
    • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
    • Community Blessing of the Palms (Palm Sunday)
    • Maundy Thursday Service
    • Good Friday – 3 Hour Service
    • Easter Egg Hunt – Holy Saturday
    • UTO Breakfast
    • Newcomer’s Potluck Supper
    • Parish Clean Up Days (Spring and Fall)
    • Pentecost – Mylar Balloons ???
    • Welcome to Summer BBQ
    • Blessing of the Backpacks
    • Welcome Back BBQ
    • Ministry Fair
    • Blessing of the Animals
    • AGS Walk
    • Fall Senior Social (Covenant Committee)
    • Taste of Trinity
    • Italian / Harvest Supper
    • Covenant Evensong and Potluck (Thanksgiving)
    • Thanksgiving Baskets
    • Thanksgiving Meal Delivery
    • Jesse Tree
    • Christmas Fair
    • Caroling to Homebound
    • Ecumenical Christmas Concert
    • Blue Christmas Service
    • Annual Meeting

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